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Customised solutions for large organisations

Project Management Services

Risk Management 

The successful management of project and consequential corporate risk is critical to ensuring the delivery of a quality outcome in an agreed time frame and budget. We offer a suite of governance, risk and compliance services to organisations, covering:

- GRC process documentation                      - GRC process management

- GRC software system implementation

Program Management 

Our Program Management services include the following:

- Portfolio Management                                   - Project Management Office Development

- Business Case Development                     - Software Selection & RFP Process


Organisational Change Management 

Good change management is one of the most important factors in successful project delivery. We're committed to effective project delivery and will ensure that change management is in place for each project. As a discrete or bundled service, we offer the following functions:

- Governance                                                     - Stakeholders and Change Leadership
- Business Alignment                                      - Communication Strategy and Execution
- Training Strategy and Execution                  - Training Plan Development
- Training Gap-Fit Analysis                              - Training Material Development
- Training Delivery

Project Management 

McCloud Consulting provides rigorous and extensive project management, always customised to fit the client’s circumstances and requirements. The following is an outline of the full spectrum of our services:

- Scope Management                                      - Time Management
- Cost Management                                         - Quality Management
- Human Resource Management                 - Communications Management


The following elements of McCloud Consulting's project management services ensure clear and effective communications:

- Strategy for Engagement                              - Change Management Approach
- Communications Strategy                            - Communications Approach
- Status Reporting                                             - Learning and Development Strategy

- Learning &Development Approach

Project Management Methodologies

Our project management methodology is aligned with PRINCE2 with adaptations from the agile and unified methods. We observe that customers who run projects in-house often prefer to use the PMBoK methods. When delivering discrete services into internal projects, we aligns our methodology phases with those of the customer.

- Project Planning                                             - Resource Planning

- Cost Estimation                                              - Project Administration & Status Reporting
- Risk and issue Management

Design, Build, Implement & Support 

Business Analysis

Analysing the current state of business processes against the desired state produces a prioritised list of improvements. These business process improvements will lead to either tangible cost savings or intangible increases in productivity. Documented as business, functional and technical requirements, these processes define the target state for the accepted system. We offer the following Business Analysis services as discrete services or bundled as part of an implementation project:

- Business Process Modelling                      - Business Process Documentation
- Gap-Fit Analysis                                             - Requirements Analysis and Documentation
- Functional Specification                               - Customisation Specification

Development Services 

Most application and infrastructure projects have a build phase in which a product or work package is developed. It then requires testing before acceptance by the customer. We offer an array of development services as discrete engagements or as part of a larger project. The majority of McCloud’s developments are ERP-related. McCloud’s Consulting development methodology follows agile and iterative methods using wire framing and prototyping to achieve rapid results.

- UX Design                                                       - Technical Design

- Software Architecture                                    - Wire framing
- Report Development                                     - Custom Development
- Integration Development                              - Web Services Development
- Portal Integration                                            - Mobile Application Development


​Data Migration 

Data migration or conversion plays an important part in every IT project. The earlier data conversion and/or data-cleansing requirements are identified the better inter-dependencies between project phases can be catered for. McCloud Consulting offers the following data migration services as discrete engagements or part of a larger project:

- Data Migration Strategy Development      - Data Mapping

- Data Cleaning                                               - Data Migration Development and Execution
- Provision of Data Cleansing Tools           - Provision of Data Migration Tools

Application Management 

After go-live there are often post-implementation business requirements waiting to be addressed by system support staff. These requirements are often delivered from operational expenses allocated for continuous process improvement initiatives. McCloud Consulting offers the following services as discrete engagements or as part of a larger project:

- Database Tuning                                          - SQL Scripting
- Report Development                                    - Batch Schedule Maintenance
- Integration Development/Maintenance     - Performance Monitoring/Reporting

Quality Management

Managing a quality outcome underlies every project. The quality of project delivery dictates the longevity of business process improvement successes:

- PRINCE2 Project Health Checks
- ITIL 2 and 3 Health Checks
- Quality Plan Preparation
- Quality Plan Execution

Testing Services

Depending upon the acceptance criteria for the products or work packages developed, the following types of testing may be required:

Unit testing, systems testing, system integration testing, user acceptance testing, performance and load testing.

We offer the following as discrete services or bundled as part of a wider quality assurance process:

- Test Strategy Development
- Test Plan Development and Execution
- Test Case Development/Execution
- Test Management
- Test Analysis
- Provision of Test Management Tools
- Provision of Performance and Load-  

  Testing Tools
- Execution of Performance and Load

  Test Plans

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