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It's all about survival

Our People, Empowering, Culture

Creating a culture of striving and thriving


'Our consultants are empowered to decide, share, collaborate and grow personally as well as professionally'

Empowering people to feel part of a thriving company culture

Our company aspires to promote the core values of respect, honesty, transparency, determination and teamwork internally, as well as externally with our customers and suppliers..


We also promote ideas that ensure a happy worker is more successful and productive – and implement policies and programs to put this into practice.

Culture of thriving

We believe our success depends upon building and maintaining a team of happy workers within a thriving company culture. This means empowering
consultants and providing the scaffolding they need to grow both professionally and personally.

We do this by:

• Providing decision-making discretion. Giving every consultant the opportunity to make decisions which contribute to the growth of the company.

• Sharing information. Providing and using tools for collaboration. Letting communication flow freely throughout all levels of the organisation

• Publishing corporate values and living them. Minimising incivility.

• Providing performance feedback. Feedback is 360 degrees and is given and received regularly - not once or twice a year.


McCloud Consulting enables its consultants to feel part of, and contribute to, a thriving company culture, by adhering to these following principles:

Growth and Collaboration

STRIVE encourage employees to achieve at least one personal and work-related goal during the calendar year. Complete a cooking course and certification in Prince2, for example.

HIVE is a collaborative and social platform for sharing business ideas, contacts, thoughts and fun. It’s where the buzz happens. The primary focus is sharing ideas, but it’s also a place where employees and managers share goals and seek feedback and advice.


JIVE is a platform for communicating leadership thoughts and Thought Leadership via blogs and newsletters. It’s a platform for collaborative comment. Jive is for external communication while Hive is the place for internal communication.

McCloud is looking for talented people to help us build our business. Interested? We'd love to know more about you.

We are currently looking for people for the following roles:

- Sales and Marketing
- Project Managers with ERP    

- SME subject matter experts

- SME application development

  (modern platforms)
- Cloud Integration specialists
- Test specialists
- Market researchers

We require functional and technical specialists for the following platforms:

- Oracle Fusion

- Oracle PeopleSoft

- Oracle Taleo

- SAP and SuccessFactors

- Salesforce

- Workday

- Microsoft Office365

- Microsoft Dynamics GP

- Netsuite


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