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It's about staying ahead of the rest

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LinkedIn Profile Hubert van Mierlo

Hubert combines business acumen, project management skills and an ability to lead complex operations with entrepreneurial energy.

​     A team builder, promoter and creative thinker, Hubert led IT innovation at Patrick Corporation and Asciano Ltd from 2005-2012 as part of a number of strategic business improvement and growth initiatives.

​     In a career that started more than 20 years ago, Hubert  developed engineering, leadership, international trade and management skills while working for a world-wide shipping and logistics company.

    He was born in the Netherlands and spent his childhood in the Caribbean and South America.

He has a Degree in Marine Engineering, obtained his Mate’s and (Chief) Engineer’s qualifications enabling him to serve on board the largest ocean-going vessels.

      Hubert worked first at sea all over the globe and later as Procurement Manager for the Asia-Pacific Region based in Hong Kong and as Country Manager and Managing Director of several shipping agencies, container terminals and logistics companies in Africa.

     Over the last 10 years Hubert developed his IT management skills and refined his project delivery abilities. Hubert understands business strategy and his open and efficient working style allows him to lead teams that deliver under pressure.

     He’s a strong believer in process, good people, accountability and governance - and strives for perfection.

Hubert holds an MBA from Deakin University.

Anthony McCloskey
LinkedIn Profile Anthony McCloskey

Anthony has been a key member of large and mid-sized IT consultancies tasked with ERP system upgrades, implementations, custom development, post-implementation support, strategy development and solution architecture.

     During his 25-year career, he has worked on projects for large enterprises including Fairfax, Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Vodafone, Apparel Group, Foxtel and Aristocrat, as well as the Reserve Bank of Australia, ASIC, UNSW and Sydney University.

     Anthony’s continued success in IT is due to his commitment to innovation. After completing a degree majoring in computer science at the University of Sydney, he worked as a programmer, analyst and technical writer before expanding into many other areas of IT.

     Within the last three years, Anthony has managed pre-sales solution architectures for large system upgrades and implementation, honing skills in project management, onshore and offshore delivery, business process modeling, business case development and RFP process and bid management.

      Anthony brings to McCloud Consulting leadership in consulting practice and solutions delivery. His knowledge and skills ensure our services are based on sound principles with the highest order of quality assurance around governance and risk management.

     His leadership qualities, engaging sense of humour and impeccable consulting skills underpin McCloud Consulting’s ability to deliver top-quality services.

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