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Smart systems to help you work more flexibly and grow to the next level

'Getting it wrong risks creating headaches for your employees, customers and even suppliers'

Six steps into the cloud

Developing the right strategy and solutions, testing and then integrating them into your business should be part of a well-defined process that requires knowledge and experience. The ease with which companies can sign-up to cloud services makes it tempting to 'just do it'. 

But getting it wrong risks creating headaches for your employees, customers and suppliers - and could lead to a lot of extra expense to put things right. We help you from the outset by taking your management team through a process that ensures great results.

1. Define your IT strategy

Many organisations don't review their IT strategy regularly. We work with your management team to review and define a strategy to support your plans for the future. Because we're immersed in this business, we know what leading companies are doing.

2. Map your business processes

Our experts help map every process in your business - from sales prospecting to order-taking, financial, HR and other processes particular to your organisation. Our knowledge and experience enables us to do this quickly and inexpensively.

3. Match products

We review your existing systems and compile a list of prospective cloud-based products and services that correspondent to your existing systems and processes. We have an extensive up-to-date database that we can quickly access that would otherwise take months of research to compile.

4. Select the right products 

Analysis and testing of prospective products and services enables us to choose the right ones for your business. We make this selection process as transparent as possible so that your management team understands the options and possibilities. We help you make the right choices.

5. Integrate services

We then explore integrating the products and services, potentially creating a whole new system for your business that works seamlessly and allows data to flow easily between applications giving management complete visibility and enabling teams to collaborate easily.

6. Implement solutions

Once we have selected the products and services, analysed the best way to integrate them, we then move to implementation. Our experience enables us to minimise disruptions to a business and provide a seamless transition to a new system, handling risks and hassles that could otherwise lead to expensive downtime.

Here's why you need help moving into the cloud


We offer you the expertise you're unlikely to have

Stay Competitive

Act soon - or you'll be left behind by smarter competitors

It's Complicated

It's time consuming to research, select and integrate IT products.

No Worries

Your systems should work, You shouldn't have to worry about it.

Focus on Sales

Concentrate on generating sales instead of finding a new system.

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